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Canal 16 Ibiza

Ship cleaning

A clean ship is the key to your well-being and serenity on board. We take care of all cleaning while respecting the environment and using, as far as possible, eco-responsible products.

Comprehensive cleaning

A service to make your boat as good as new, ideal for before and/or after your trips to the sea or wintering, as well as its preparation for sale. We also offer regular maintenance cleaning.

Exterior cleaning

We take care of cleaning the deck, the cabin, the portholes, ... We use products that respect and extend the life of stainless steel instruments and parts as well as the life of cushions, hatches, ...

Interior cleaning

On your boat you want to feel at home, that's why at Canal 16 we pay special attention to the thorough cleaning and hygiene of upholstery, floors, carpets, galley areas, shower and toilet facilities.

canal 16 Ibiza
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